Boy Bashful..gave us a scare!!


Well..after a good sleep and a fair amount of snoring….yes..snoring…  I heard faint rumblings and went to check on our house guest… sign of the little guy…all I could think of was ..great he has travelled over 9 thousand miles and still he wants to keep on rolling!

No ..he hadn’t gone far..just into my Castlemaine Rock…. a unique rock candy made locally for ever….so after a few chats about the dangers of addiction and tooth decay ..we eased into the cold wintry day..think Bashful thought we would be in shorts and t-shirts..poor guy…rug up little dude coldest Spring in 40 years..

After awhile I noticed Bashful was still a bit snuffly…now I know Bacon had told me he had the sniffles but I was concerned..he also seemed a little wonky eyed! hmmmm..ok action plan..

I rang Vet’s all Natural… I spoke to Amy our vet nurse (who also is…

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