16 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

    1. Hi Pix…been flat out..wedding in 17 days so been making jams for place settings etc,new role tomorrow at the Country Womens Association,preparing for fire season (alert already today for grass fire) my boots are getting worn out hahahahha 🙂 Sammy said they look like Mimosa they are from a flowering Gumtree also pale lemon ones etc..very sweet ..yes Boots!!!! Need new ones already 😦


      1. I might have to…two son’s weddings in the last 13 months!! please no more hahaha …made 7 litres of strawberry jam yesterday..all the taste testing I was on a sugar high dancing in the kitchen to Lionel Ritchie….then very sore legs hahahaha need me some gumtree sniffin’ 🙂


    1. Very boring old gum trees believe it or not..they get some magic flowers which the parrots love..especially when the nuts form they drop them on the barn roof hahahaah drives us nuts 😉 we had an alert today but the grass fire was put out quickly…bad weather conditions have got people a bit edgy..my scanner just started making noises…dang thing..this time of night I don’t need it!! hugs Bev x


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