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16 thoughts on “FURRIENDSHIP DAY

    1. Cody you and mum and Dakota are most welcomez we love your bloggies..even if we duz get lost on here sometimes BOL BOL .so glad you enjoyed our furriendshipz picshures..and mumz sayz that you Cody have the same face colorz around your mouth that our big roo haz!!! bee-zar…BOL Big doggie slurps Doc xxxxxx


  1. Oh I love the friendship slideshow! Looks like there are lots of good friends around your house…….Me and my Mom are very happy to have all of you as our friends – we didn’t know today was Friendship Day but it’s ALWAYS nice to celebrate friendships!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)


    1. Thanks Sammy! we love to have you as furriends too! we didn’t know uts furriendship day till Bacon did a bloogie on it 🙂 Have a great day Sammy and your mummy too
      Big Doggie licks Doc xx


  2. Oh, my boootifuwl Dinnerminz! Yooo have such wuvwee furriends and birdies, and buggies, and sheepiez, and whatever dows udder animows are (Mama sez dey aw kangwoooos). Pleez stay away fwum dows mean snakies my pluxurious girwow. Sistah Zoweeee sez I can wite a wuvweee wuv wetter post furor yoooo on her bwog vewy soon.
    Oh how I dweem of cuddowing wif my most boootifuwl Dinnerminz. I wuv dee more den a summerz day in da garden filled wif birdies!
    Wuv and kissies and xoxoxoxoxo, Apowwo


    1. OH Apollo…I iz swoonigz and bwushing…I will keep my pluxuriousness away from the snakeys..itz too cold for them at the moment…I can’t wait to read a lovez letter and sista Zoe iz bery loverly to let you catnap her bloggiez….I dreamz too of you..my blue eyed Womeo! and I loveiez you more than a fresh lizard gutz on a stinky hotz day …louviez and purrs and head butterz Dinnermintz xxxxxxxxxxxx


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