Imagine… cats with thumbs!

BWAHBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA If Pickles sees this I am in for it……Hilarious!!! thanks moggies 🙂 made my day xxxx

My Three Moggies

Cats. They all secretly want to take over the world, right?
Give Archie, Oscar and Henry opposable thumbs and they’d soon have us sleeping outside in the cat kennel and drinking milk out of a bowl.
Or at least that’s the view suggested in the new, and rather brilliant, Cravendale milk advert.
Remember the first incarnation of this series last year. Cats biding their time waiting to get thumbs and unleash their evil plans. It won advert of the year.
In the follow-up, it looks like the honest milkman is in for it…

And if you don’t remember the brilliant original check it out here…

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8 thoughts on “Imagine… cats with thumbs!

  1. Yow Dinnermintz n Picklez if we had dose thumbz we cuud rule da werld….n open da lockz on da doorz!!!! N get our own tuna-tuna!!! N bozz da Hu’Manz around……………………oh wait we all ready DO DAT!!!!! MOL…
    Lub frum Nylablue xo


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