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26 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY

    1. It is indeed Pam..and yes please fewer snakes this season..i go into panic mode..not for me but the animals,i have already told hubby if I ever have to I will take the bite to protect least I have sort of a fighting chance..ewwww


    1. That Froggy really gave mum a frightz…she sat down and it popped up….the next day mum was pulling dishes out of the sink..and one jumped out on the bench!! BOL BOL..mum almost got peas in her pantz..but she grabbed himz so we didn’t eat/play wiff him BOL..mum sayz snakes iz not for playing wiff…I agrees..
      Doggie licks Forrest xx


    1. Easy we don’t know how the Kermit got in to the toilet..he was maybe thirsty (peee…ewww) but mum did a frog jump when she saw him day another Kermit in the dishes in the sink..we hope not the same…jumped at mum and she nearly did peas in her dacks…BOL..fencing nearly made dad get leaky eyes .. he luvs to dig in solid rock it makes him happy…BOL ..your mum iz not a fan of snakes ..mum is very brave but only when she can call the bald tattooed snake take awayerer..she sayz for 50 dollarz he can takez az many az he likez…this one was out in the start of summerz..hungry angry and looking for love..he got none from mum..baldie took him away to bush..must be no more than 5 kilometres away…we not seen him again..mum doesn’t miss himz..:)


      1. My mom is a chicken. I think she would marry a snake take awayerer – even bald tattoed only for being safe from snakies. Once she was on a festival where a snake dancerer was. He unpacked his snake and he promised my mom 100 bucks when she would touch it with a finger. My mom said NO!!! and disappeared. My dad said she is a coward and inefficient.


      2. Hahahahaa boy Easy for 100 bucks mum could have ‘manned up’ touched the snake and spent just half on therapy and still be in front…perhaps dad is needing to get mum to therapy so you can try again for 100 bucks! 🙂


    1. Hahaa..yep the snakes we don’t wont…deadly rotters..and yep all our farm gates down under seem to have the shut the gate mate sign 🙂 xxxxxxx
      Thanks Cody 🙂


  1. another batch of great pictures bev… your property…and I will be thanx full 🙂 if you keep the snakes….eeeegggaaa !!!! laura


  2. Yow we iz phankfull ya shared dese pawsum pix of da gang n Mum n Dad…yer place iz gorgeeuss…we haz a postage stamp yard n teenie patio but it iz bettur den bein homeless…..but me n Mum wuud LUB to have sumfing in da countree like ya have!!!
    We iz Phankfull fer knowin all of ya!!
    Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen


    1. Thanks Nylablue..mum sayz we are veru lucky…we haz come a long wayz from where we were and we never take it for grantedz..we fink if you sail to our land you come stay in Al-cat-raz wiff us MOL MOL
      Luv Pickles and gang xxx and we glad to know you tooz


      1. MOL Picklez… can ya see us in Al-CAT-traz??? We wuud have da door open in half da time n be doin zoomiez all over da house…Miss Bev wuud NOT bee amused me finkz!!!! But it shure wuud be fun, wuudn’t it??? ROFWKL!!!!
        Lub Nylablue xo


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