Baa Humbug Woolly Wednesday



12 thoughts on “Baa Humbug Woolly Wednesday

    1. Baaaa bol (baa out loud..we do wiff little letters so you knowz we not barking ) I am alwyz stickin my tonguez out..we was runned up to mum and phew!! I waz pooped..we is very healthy sheeps..even tho mum callz uz her wee wee lambiez bol
      Big greasy woolly sheepiez hugs from Oscar to you Sammy xxx


  1. oscar…dood…if ewe wuz heer rite now ewe wood wanna leeve yur coat beehind…itz like vizshuz hot N de humiditee iz even mor vizshuz….a trip ta de barber shoppe wood bee in order …for sure 🙂 !!!


    1. hahaha da tabbies..mum getz uz a stylist in fer the summerz to get our hair jazzed up…it’s cold now so we luvs being wooly mammothz baaaaaa 🙂 you satyz cool for catz x


    1. Me iz still gettin used to ya bein a never knew a sheep befur…Me iz glad you n Dinnermintz are furendz so ya nose we kittehz are all right to be furendz wif 😉
      Lub frum Nylablue xo


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