Meowy Monday ev-furry-body


HI Ev-furry body..itz me case you don’ know I am a rescue cat.

Mum rescued me when I waz in a deadly fact I was in a PICKLE..which iz how I gotz my name!

I was very close to being at the rainbow bridge and waz saved just in time..

My story iz on or Fozzie blog..

I haz seen and heardz some amazing stories of helpin on the bloggiez that humanz haz .

Storiez of helpingz animalz and helpingz humanz wiff their animalz and it touchez me

**wipez a leaky eye…so I asked mumz if I could makez my own specialz but very simplez awardz for sharing…

So mumz helped me and we made one




All you have to do is give itz to someone who has helped a animalz ..any animalz or an animalz human..say thankz you to the person you gotz it from..which iz easy because bloggerz is so politez..

First peoplez to getz the awardz from me..Picklez are..


We want to gives to

Savvy and her mum and dad at

Savvy and her folks have been so wonderfuls with Leo and getting him healthyz and trying to get him a new furrever of lucks to them all and thankyou

Ruby and her mum at for helping a doggie at the beach who was in trouble!

I hope ev-furry-body haz a great day and I hope you all stayz safe



18 thoughts on “Meowy Monday ev-furry-body

  1. Oh Pickles! What a bootiful award you and your Mum made and I think Savannah and her pawrents are the purrrrrrrfect people to be one of the first to get it. All their work and help with Leo was incredible and now he FINALLY has his forever home! We didn’t know about Ruby but we’ll check out the story for sure. Meanwhile – Happy Monday!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. Thanks Sammy…it’s great news about Leo fur sure 🙂 🙂 🙂 there is always someone fur ev-furry-one!! and they deserves awardz for helping so much…Ruby and her mum helped a doggie get to the vets! it’s also great…we needz to show we can helpz..if mum didn’t help me I waz not goingz to make it ..*gulps…
    Happy Mondays to you Sammy and your mum and dad…Kitty Hugs…
    Pickles and gang and mum xx


  3. pickles….ewe haz done an awesum way kewl soooper grate job on yur custom deesign awards badge…we noe savvy N ruby iz gonna loves it N we noe Rhiannon iz gonna bee gel us !! we tried ta link up ta yur storee but we could knot see it….???? may bee we eated two much flounder


    1. da tabbies more like our mumz a putz!! my story is somewhere there…humph..good one mumz…its a interviews I did with mythreemoggies for fur friend of the can never haves too much fishy fishy 😉
      Lubs Picklesxx


  4. squeeee!!! luvluvluv this award…totally luvluvluv it!!! I can’t wait to get it on my side bar and post about it on Thankful Thursday…cuz we are gonna be posting about Mary in England…she has been lookin’ for months for a furrever home…my good furriend Basil has taken Mary, black kitty female, under wing and now we are helpin’ get her story out once again…THANK YOU!!! Paw pats, Savannah


    1. Yay…we gladz you luvluvluv it Savvy…we got mum to helpz with it coz so many humans and animals help each otherz and they needz a re-cog-nishionz! like you and your mum and dad Savvy..and you one of the firstz!! we lookz forwardz to your Thursday postz and learning of Basil (name of one of our pass away sheeps)You are welcome Savvy!! Kitty paw pats Pickles :)xx


    1. Thanks indeed…mumz not a very good puter person so I did moz of the work…always me workingz my little claws to the bones MOL MOL..but we likez it 🙂


  5. I hope you read my bloggy Monday July 22…i have done my best to paw forward this most pawsome award…I could not name specific bloggers/twitter anipal as I would have offended someone I am sure…so I chose to select two specific rescue events I and FB Leo have worked on…hope that is OK with you Dinnermintz, paw pats, Savannah


    1. Hi Savvy! will pop over right now 🙂 what a great idea ..any form of help for animals and their people is well deserved! especially rescue groups as we are very much admiring of them and their work…scooting over now 🙂 🙂
      Paw pats to you Savannah from Dinnermintz xx


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