Thankful Furrsday


18 thoughts on “Thankful Furrsday

    1. Easy..i think the book must coz she waz chowin down like there was no tomorrow…give the cookie books a try ..if not I stole a tray of Christmas ccokies last year and may be ablez to wrangle sum to you from the soon to be deceased mail guy you have 😉 I think the roos have dad on the hop..he would look much preg-ants wiff one in this they don’t pay well either..


      1. She went the yo-gurtz as well BOL …she was dippin the tootsies in an out..mumz sayz..Dinnermintz!! you getz a die-ar-ears if you not carefulz…BOL hopez Dinnermintz ears iz okay!
        Lubs Forrest to you Nylablue and ya mum xxxx


      2. She better bee carefull of her earz n her furry bum…dat iz die-a-rhea Forrest when da haz da squirtz outta tushie!!!! Tell Dinnermintz iz safer to dip her earz in yougurt den her tootsiez!!! MOL/BOL…..


      3. Fangz Nylablues maybe I a singin fool BOL /MOL…Dinnermintz luvs me sick..she wood never whapacha me..shez a inter-species girl friend 😉
        Lubs Forrest xx


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