Saturday night Silly with Jock the sheepz

Hat and scarfz are mumz…not included in the appz……Baaa Out Loud……


9 thoughts on “Saturday night Silly with Jock the sheepz

    1. We getz a shearingz and all our woolly bitz get taken awayz …mumz gotz a spinning wheel..shez still too fick to operaters it yet bOL ….(baa out loud)
      Big smelly burp kisses to you Sammy XX


      1. Sammy we are very gen-err-ouss..lucky it grows backs in time for winters! when mumz workz out the spinners wheelz she’s going to be busy busy 🙂
        Then in summer….mum callz the sheep stylistz and he gives uz a haircut…this iz a sight! we can’t eats anything for one wholeday beforez! we are hungry and not happy..the stylistz getz all sweaty when we are finish wiff him bOL bOL …plus..he drenches uz and sprayz our backz with blue stuff..but hez good coz he never cutz uz which mum sayz is importantz 🙂
        Smelly sheepz kisses Jock


  1. Yow Jock it iz lubly ta meet ya!! Ya iz me ferst sheep furend!!Oh me iz Nylablue da Kitteh, Lubber of many 4 leggedz speeseez!!!
    Me finkz ya looks so stylin n handsum in yer sweatur n shadez!!!
    Yer new furned Nylablue n Mum too…. (she alwayz wanted a sheepie farm..)


    1. Baa-ry nice to meet ewe Nylable 🙂 I lookz stylinz but feelz stoopidz…mumz take a-vantagez of me good naturez fur the photoz .bOL …baa out loud! uz sheepiez lovez kitteh furrendz coz we got our girls here..Dinnermintz always gives us head butters!!
      You mum can gez a sheepz herself and ewe can do the hairstylinz 😉
      Smelly sheepz kisses Jock xx


      1. Say Jock we shuud sing a song together…ya can BAA n me can EEOWW n we can doez a dewette!!!
        Me Mum takez a-vantage of me too wif da photoz…me just letz her ’cause Hu’manz have funny wayz…..
        Me hopez Dinnermintz will give ya sum guud head buttz frum me!!!!
        Mum can we haz a sheep?? (Poor Hu’Mum iz just shakin her head back n forth real slow like…we don’t haz da room….MOL)
        Droolie head buttz Nylablue xo


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