Fur fly Friday


I was giving the mumz her morningz therapiez when…


Feel free to bigify for maximumz dramaticz ….oh and remember to grab a treatz..therez somez under our aboutz page….


12 thoughts on “Fur fly Friday

  1. cleo iz in de kitshun gettin a slite snak oh flounder, trout N mackerull
    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end ! 🙂


      1. Yow Picklez me relatez to ya!! Me Mum iz alwayz askin me fer therapiez in da mornin n in da evenin when we iz watchin TV. We must keep da Mumz happy, right??
        Nylablue xo


      2. Yow pairish da thpught of gettin hour own mealz!!! Me haz trubble wif dat fancy can opener so me NEEDZ Mum!!!
        yer right we must keep Purrsonal Assistentz happy 🙂
        Nylablue xo


      3. Well Dinnermintz is out she tried to getz our empty can coz shez on speshals food…and gots it stuckz on her chopz…me MOL …mum YOL yelled out loud MOL MOL
        Pickles xxx


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