Barkfast is served… last…

Now we haz to waitz till tea timez for more grub!……..perhaps we getz a treatz or bonez in the long waiting time between!


6 thoughts on “Barkfast is served… last…

  1. YOW!! Me sharez da pain wif ya Fozzie n Doc!! Me eatz 6 or 7 small meat mealz purr day plus a few kibbiez n sumtimez sum meat dat Mum sharez wif me or me tuna-tuna…Me needz our nourishmint right??
    Nylablue xo


    1. BOL Nylabluez ewe unnerstand zactly! we do a dances and everyhtingz when itz grub timez..mumz giez uz meals twice a day (she says itz helpz uz not get bloatz) and Doc…BOL BOL he goes roun and roun and mum sayz poor fingz iz starvins BOL ! we needz our nourishmentz fur sure!
      Doggie licks Forrest xx


      1. Yow me alwayz wanted to learn da poochie suppa dance but me iz not built fer dat so me doez da circlez around Mum…werkz just da same!!!
        When me Mum had poochiez (a bazillionn yearz ago) she wuud feed dem 3 timez a day. Brekkie waz toast wif a bit of butter cut in small piecez n a bowl of tea wif a bit of shugger n sum milk. Den at lunch she wuud give kibble wif gravy n suppa waz kibble n homemade stew wif veggiez n gravy….don’t fink her poochiez ever went hungree!!!! 😉
        Nylablue xo


      2. BOL you circle da wagonz like the kitty sisters here BOL…ewe mumz poohiez was very lucky! in winterz mum givez us sometimez little late supperz of toast wiff apricotz jam (jelly) on itz…delish but not much coz Doc had a Pan-of-cre-a tighterz once
        Have a greatz day lubbies Forrest xx


      3. Me Mum lubbed her poochiez….she waz carefull wif da food she gave dem. Yow Doc haz da Pan-of-cre-a-tighterz?? Mum told me it iz not a guud fing n me iz hopin Doc can stay well ferever!!!!
        Bye fer now, Nylablue xo


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