Hey Efurrybody….we didz it!!


We got some mews for ewes…MOL….mumz lazy patootiez finallyz got up off our chair/her lazy areaz and dun our Blogz…

Finally a place fur just us thumbless little folkz to showz our stories and not stoopidz thingz bout Oomanz…

Cause mumz a bit fick..it tooked her sooooooooooooooooo longz that I fought she had a stroke…shez alwayz sayngz shez having a stroke but shez got no furs to strokez so she really iz a odd-ballz…

Any whooz now im ..a -sauced-ed frum waiting to ive her the dictationz….so I will getz back to ewes laterz on..

Just to keep you all in happy facez I show ewe meselfz..

Im a-sauced-ed now
Im a-sauced-ed now

22 thoughts on “Hey Efurrybody….we didz it!!

  1. Say Dinnermintz! Concatulations on having your OWN spot now so all of you guys can run the world in peace without oooooman interference! As for thumbless – you know SOME OF US (like yours truly) have thumbs….tee hee

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    1. Sammyyyyyyyyy hellooooo ….thankz mucherly for ya kindz wishes now just gotz to get Mrs Patootiez to learnz to drivez her puter..shez made it all midgetz printz and can’t fixes it….MOL ..I don’t carez long as breakfastz not been down sizered too! MOL
      Kitty high paws Dinnermintz xxx


  2. dinnermints !!! yay…N we signed up ta follow ya, N we iz lovin yur pick sure N iz takin yur add vise….nap time !!

    ZZZZzzzzzzZZZzzZzzzZzzZzzzzzzzzzZzzzz ~~~~~~~~~~~


  3. YOW YOW Dinnermintz diz iz pawsum ya all got yer own bloggie!!!! Me lubz yer photo n yer pawpaw iz deevine!!!! Me Mum sayz she wantz to kiss yer toesiez…me said she cuud as long as she kizzes mine too! 😉
    Lub ya Nylablue n SherriEllen xo


    1. Meowsha Nylablue..we gotz Patootiez off herz butt and finallyz got our own bloggiez MOL BOL and little bOL…me tootiez is alwyz kissered cos they soft and pinkz..you mumz can kisses em and then kisses yourz too!!! 😉
      High paw whaps Dinnermintz and gangz xx


      1. EEowww Dinnermintz….it can be a challinge to get da Mumz’ off der buttz can’t it??
        Me Mum wuud LUB to kiss yer toesiez fer shure….she iz such a sucka fer dem!!!
        High paw whapz back! Nylablue xo


      2. And high paw whapz and head butters to you too Nylablue….must go get mumz to clean my tawletssss..it’s stinky pooz MOL 😉
        Dinnermintz xxxxxxx


      3. Yow me lubz da whapz n ~~head rubz~~ phankz so much Dinnermintz…get yer Hu’man on dat right away!!! Me Mum usually standz by waitin fer me to finnish den she swoopz n ta clean da litterbox…nuffin like well trained Hu’manz! 😉
        Lub ya, Nylablue xo


      4. Me too Nylablue..I get sexy with everything wiff my head butters MOL…mumz on itz she hadz to feeders us all first or uprisingz in the world MOL…
        Lubs Dinnermintz xx


      5. ~~head rubbin~~~ mmmm dat feelz guud!!!
        MOL me can see yer Mum runnin about tryin to feed all of you n get to da litterbox too…keep her on her toesiez!!! 😉
        Happy snackin frum Nylablue xo


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