Come Fly With Me Sammy


Today we have been invited by our dear friends Easy  and Madi to show a bit of our world to Sammy..

And so how do we show Sammy our world and thank him for the fun Tuesday Teasers that got us every time!

We decided that in order to truly capture how Sammy means THE WORLD to us we would take him in our hot air balloon over the beautiful town of Cairns up Far North Queensland..


Off early we go much awaits..


Oh Sammy look at the beauty up here..the smell of fresh air and the gentle breeze blowing us..



The clouds are so soft the fluffiest bed you could ever lay in my friend..


Oh Sammy…have you ever seen such color..such warmth and power..can you feel that sun as it wakes up Sammy…it’s the most perfect sunpuddle a kitty could ask for..


Sammy my friend

Sammy my Gingerbread Man are a light cloud in a stormy world ..A bright ray of sun in a dark day and a breath of fresh air in a jaded time..

Safe Travels..

Love Fozziemum Fozziedad Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix and Oscar…


Au Revoir Mon Ami

I am sorry evfurry for our lack of blogging.

More about that later..what we are here for now is to extend our sympathy and love to Easy’s pawrents.

If ever a pup seemed invincible it was our mate..our friend..our comedian Easy.

This news is so terribly hard to understand.

A young pup with so much life in him.

Adored by his Mum and Dad..and all of us here in Blogville.

We send our deepest sympathy and love to Miss Katty and Mr Mark..

Words have not yet been invented that describe this loss of a loved family member.

The toll lately of loss has been too much.

Grannie describes it like this..

Grief is like being in the breakers at the hits and takes your breath away..

You just catch your breath and you are hit again..

Seemingly relentless in pounding you into submission..

Then one day you find yourself in a calm big waves..small ones..they push you but you can stand it have gone through the maelstrom and can tread water..

 I am off now my friends..i am a tired old pup and i have a visit to plan for Sammy

To my friend Easy Rider i bid you Au Revoir Mon Ami..

The world became a lot less colorful yesterday but the Rainbow Bridge has now a silvermistygrey hue that it lacked before..

Love always 

Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix Oscar Fozziemum and Fozziedad xxx

Howloween horror

Hi Evfurry

Yes we have been MIA…we have so much happening our heads are spinning..almost like a Chucky Doll..

We hope to be back on blogging soon..we have a wedding to survive first..

I would like to thank folks for the well wishes on my recent hospital stay at the vets..i am on my way back to being my old self..i cannot say the same for grannie..

Bacon and Easy have invited us to show our..

And because grannie is a master at the ‘don’t look i’m hideous’ is a taste of WHY we have been absent..Bol..

As you can see grannie is no oil painting in the morning..particularly lately..

She is a trooper though i must admit..then again she has a little help you know in coping with her morning befores Bol..

Now once she has taken all her miracle cures i then step in..

Got to be something to fix that horror morning head!

Aha! face compost..that will fix everything..

So some slapping on of compost and tada..

Oh and thankyou to the ‘beauty face’ thingy on her phone that seems to make her ole face softer..

Thing is everyone can do a glam selfie..but what is really beautiful is what is inside…

As for me..well i am always looking good…Bol..

Thankyou for visiting us and we look forward to being back soon..

Much love Doc..

Treats For Lexi

Hi everyone

Today is Treats for Lexi day..

We all miss Lexi and remember how much she loved her treats!

We all love treats they make us woof or purr or baa or even sqwark..

I don’t get many treats now..i have a pretty boring diet..i guess my health has been the reason..

But i am happy that Grannie gives me the tasty bits of her toast in the morning..sometimes with Apricot Jam sometimes Peanut Butter..

So those are my fave treats now!

We know Lexi would be so happy we can enjoy whatever treats come our way! 

We send our love and woofs and purrs to Lexi’s family as always all our bloggie friends are terribly missed when they leave..

Loves Doc xxx

*Fozziemum..please forgive my absence as we deal with Doc’s health at this time.*

Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day

For all the precious furry family we have lost we remember them all today.

We remember those that have been gone far too long and those we have just lost.

For us here that was Forrest..4 months on and we all still are trying to learn a new normal.

Mum says the breath they give your life is so precious..

When they leave the sorrow takes your breath with them..

Let’s all remember the love we were blessed to have.

In memory of them all…xx

Forget me not Friday

Hi evfurry..i hope you have not forgotten me..i have kind of taken up all Grannies time lately..

See i had my op and all went fine but a week ago Grannie found another lump in my back we went to Dr Mark as it doubled in a few days..

*Insert Grannie losing her tiny mind..again..

So i had another operation..i had this alien blob removed..

Yeah that's gross alright
Yeah that’s gross alright

So a big talk was had with Dr Mark and Grannie and Grandad..these things are popping up and going to keep popping up..long and short of it no more operations for me..i am too old to keep going under anaesthetic and it won’t change or stop i am going to just get on with being Doc..

I met Nurse Beths orphan lambie again..she is twice the size she was a month ago when i had my last operation..

Cute isn't she
Cute isn’t she

So i had my op..this time stitches..look happy don’t i?


At least i got a smiley face bandage..



I recovered well and Grannie and Grandad had me out for a few hours each day they were working..i had my tent..

Yep best place to be i think
Yep best place to be i think

So i hung out while they chopped dragged and burnt that rotten hedge wattle..which is not what Grannie calls it..she say’s it’s a b*^***d ..what do you think?

Looks nasty ..cos it is!
Looks nasty ..cos it is!

So after a few days post op i get red..really red and swollen..really swollen..


*thanks for giving me SOME dignity Grannie!

So back to Dr Mark..i am now on Antibiotics and pain meds..Grannie and Grandad are wearing a track to the vets..sheesh..and Monday i get my stitches out..between all these stitches and staples i look like a patchwork quilt..

So i have been on light duties..gentle walks..lot’s of rest and afternoon tea with Grannie and Grandad while they burn off..

Burn baby burn
Burn baby burn
Nice cuddles and views
Nice cuddles and views

Of course i forgot to mention i was issued with a cone of shame..due to Grannie losing her mind with worry she decided to jazz it up for me..really…really..

That's what i think!
That’s what i think!

So i am going to go rest up and sulk now..i am not red or swollen or sore anymore but have felt iffy today and been chewing i  going to catch up with you all soon..Grannie and Grandad are going out for dinner tonight..they say they need a break..and maybe i will forgive them for abandoning me..maybe..

Paw pats Doc xx


Where on earth Wednesday

Hi Evfurry

I know i have been MIA lately and between helping Grannie and Grandad with the yard work and trying not to set off metal detectors with my stapled up self i have been relaxing and getting healthy.

I want to share today a place Grannie and Grandad visited when they abandoned me and the kitties and forgot we existed they were in Georgia..

Bacon wrote about it on his bloggie.just click his name and pop over and have a peeky!

So the peeps all headed to a restaurant for Grandads birthday..see he had his birthday two days before Angel Forrest left us so did not much celebrate here at home.

Bacon’s Mum and Dad decided to take Grannie and Grandad to this cool restaurant called ‘Fogo De Chao’

Well my oh my ..foodables aplenty at this sooner do you plonk your self down than the food starts coming…and coming and coming!

The salad bar was a huge hit with Grannie…she was loaded for for bear and ready to go!

This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!
This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!


The meals were spectacular ..

The meat comes out on skewers and is served right at the table..and when you are full you have a little card you turn to the red side..and when you want some more it flips to the green side..

The restaurant caters to all peeps..meat eaters and non meat eaters..which is super..

Salad anyone
Salad anyone


The delicious cheese rolls they serve are what us Aussies know as Choux puffs🙂 and they were scrumptious Grannie said ..

The staff were super nice..always ready with a smile and more foodables BOL….

Grannie loves her sweets and opted for the Creme Brulee…yumm!

Oh wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet
Oh wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet


Grandad had a birthday desert and it came with candles BOL…

Grandad's Birthday desert
Grandad’s Birthday desert


Miss June"s chocolate cake
Miss June”s chocolate cake


Miss June and Mr Jim shared their dessert..not like Grannie who shares no dessert with ANYONE …BOL

Miss June and Grannie shared this idea what it was but it was pretty delish and super strong Grannie said..

This one is rocket fuel
This one is rocket fuel

The peeps had such a lovely time..laughing and chatting…before they had lunch they all popped into a Music shop..Grandad had a play on a guitar and bought himself some new strings..apparently they were a lot cheaper than here BOL..

What a great way to celebrate Grandads Birthday..he even got a pressie too! which Grannie has to take a pic of..seems she has 48 hour ideas and 24 hour days BOL..

The happy campers
The happy campers

Oh and that is NOT grannies bra..BOL..she did not realise how bad her crop top looked ..what a fashionista hey!

So i will leave you you some more pics i found on grannies sd card..amazing what you find…

Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!
Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!

Think Grannie may have been drinking too much..see her reflection in the glass…BOL ..what a pro hey?

Wall art
Wall art

The whole atmosphere is very warm and inviting Grannie said..funny I was NOT invited..anywho…..



And as i leave Grannie ..and the intrepid travellers wish me well..tomorrow i get my staples out..i have healed well and have about 40 of these rotters so i plan on putting my best wriggle may be a game of chase the terrier round the vets!

Grannie and Grandad will be wishing they were on holidays again after this fun i am sure …but hey i am strong and i have no plans on being an easy target BOL..

Loves and paw pats Doc xxx

Pee Ess..i will be doing my Shop around the world tomorrow and catching up after i have been attacked by the vet..sorry again for the up and down visits..